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ultrasound doppler gel
Ultrasound Gel
Utrasound Transmission Gel / acoustic coupling gel is used to improve the quality of sound heard from the Fetal Doppler
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Hire a Doppler
Why not rent a Fetal Doppler? Hear Your baby in the womb for only 9.95 per month
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Electric Breast Pumps
Electric Breast Pumps to express milk for your baby

Our Fetal Doppler Customer Service Promise

As a leading company in the fetal doppler industry we promise a first class personal customer service, great easy to use products and low prices. Our excellent customer satisfaction record sets us apart from our competition and you can be sure that you will get the best customer service when buying or hiring a fetal doppler from us.
We have supplied fetal dopplers to parents, midwives, doctors, healthcare professionals and the NHS.

Fetal Doppler Benefits?

A fetal doppler is a very special device that allows you to hear your baby's heartbeart in the womb while pregnant. This means they can offer reassurance during times of anxiety in pregnancy for parents, especially during the early stages before it is possible to feel the baby moving. In addition, fetal dopplers provide a great way to share baby sounds with other members of the family such as partners and young siblings.

Buy a Fetal Doppler or Rent a doppler?

We offer a range of fetal dopplers to buy from those used to hear the baby's heartbeat, display the fetal heart rate on an LCD screen or waterproof fetal dopplers to be used for a waterbirth.

Additionally we offer a flexible and low cost fetal doppler hire service allowing you to rent a fetal doppler for as long as you like to see how you get on.

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